Online professional profiles can be very useful, however I have found that they take a fair amount of time and effort to develop. I have a LinkedIn profile, but as a university student it can be difficult to make lots of connections and for the site to be truly helpful at this stage.

There are many different ways in which you can create a professional profile online these days; obviously LinkedIn is extremely popular as well as blogging.

In order to create an authentic online professional profile individuals must ensure they connect and link all of their sites to one another to allow potential employers or colleagues to see their full online profiles. Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and any other networks you have online should be displayed to increase authenticity.


It is important that what you have published online will aid you in getting a job if that’s the aim…having links to your Facebook page which may have inappropriate posts may not be a smart idea.

To build authenticity, individuals should fill in all necessary personal information on their profiles and including a picture also makes profiles more genuine, especially when profiles are connected to each other.

“93% of recruiters will review a candidates social profile before making a hiring decision” (Social Recruiting Survey Results, 2014) making it crucial that peoples profiles stand out, authenticity can largely help this factor.

Constant development of your profile is also needed in order to ensure authenticity, posting regularly and communicating with others will boost your reputation. Engaging greatly with your online professional profiles will allow people to know more about you including your personality, which a lot of potential employers like to see.

Creating authenticity can do achieved by revealing some unique to yourself on your professional profile, sharing yourself online differentiates you from the generic person whose profile could have been written by anyone. Employers especially like to see your individual flare and something that makes candidates stand out, it proves there is a genuine person to that profile looking for a job.




  1. Hi Francesca,

    I was struck by a common thread between your video and the one that Aliyu used ( Both are talking about the need to emphasise our passions, interests, ability to interact with others, etc. I guess all our CVs include variation of “I’m a team player” and “I am passionate about working in ….”. The trouble is that these words, when reduced to paper, or indeed when typed into LinkedIn, mean nothing. Charles Hardy (the speaker on Aliyu’s video) suggests using an embedded video in LinkedIn and alike, simply to help show more about what you are like as a person – which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a couple of weeks now – but it’s a big step.

    As you have emphasised the need to show yourself as a genuine person, I wonder whether you are thinking along similar lines?


    1. I think thats a really interesting point, it could be a really good idea as it allows potential employers to hear how you speak and your personality in a slightly more genuine way that allows you to show your character. Personally I don’t think I would post a video like this as I think I would feel slightly uncomfortable. Its a really good idea though as it can act as a differentiating point to make individuals stand out!

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